Our Story

Since 2011, Fianna Business Solutions has hinged on a trusting relationship between both FMO and advisor. With an industry inundated with incentive rewards, we strive to minimize the guesswork and offer each of our advisors complete transparency.

Fianna Business Solutions was developed for advisors in order to serve as a transparent vehicle between both FMO and incentive offers. With an industry inundated with promotional offers and incentives, it is difficult to determine which offers are legitimate and worth the time.


FBS minimizes the guesswork and pre-negotiates all offers with FMOs in order to maximize the reward. FBS has covered a multitude of promotional rewards offered from various industries, and has come to focus exclusively with advisors and FMOs.


We understand that “small print” can create a headache for advisors looking to cash in on their rewards and hard work. With blackout dates and hidden snags, advisors have become numb to promotional incentives offered by FMOs.


FBS’s job is to create clarity. Each advisor can properly enjoy their respective incentive with peace of mind knowing FBS is working diligently at only offering complete transparency. Please fill out the contact form so that a marketing agent can properly explain each available reward. Other than FMOs, FBS has provided marketing solutions for the following firms: